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The "Oh Baby BABY - PUSH IT" Baby Shower

The "Oh Baby BABY - PUSH IT" Baby Shower

**This post goes out to Salt-N-Pepa for their timeless classic Push It, without which this shower theme may not have been possible.** The mama-to-be is just so special to us that we were determined to find a properly unique way to celebrate her, because she is ONE-OF-A-KIND.  We picked our saucy theme and an eye-popping color palette.  Check out all the photos in the extended post. Talented husband-o'-mine crafted the Oh Baby Baby sign (foam core, paint, drill, and an exacto) and we got the gold foil letter balloons in our store.  The Oh Baby Baby hexagon logo was designed by Jill Lee.  Thank you Jill! I made some custom glitter garlands for photo wall props (You can make your own custom garland in The Party Dialect shop). The paper flower photo backdrop...a labor of oh-man-I-must-really-love-this-girl-because-SHEESH. Party favors were Baby Mama mixed tapes.  Because of course mixed tapes are back. Baby Mama headband for the win. Oh, that headband. To make our confetti push pops we cut up tissue paper (in our color palette), bought cake pop tubes, and made some "PUSH IT" labels.  An easy and FUN addition to the party. I really thought the confetti shower would be fun for EVERYONE, but after seeing the expression in this photo I got the impression it was a lot more fun for the showerers than the showeree. Custom glitter cake topper (and the custom headbands!) from Bracket. Pinwheel bouquets are a special favorite of mine.  Just mount pinwheels onto dowels, pop some floral foam into a large vase, and push the dowels through the foam (this holds them in place).  Everything pictured here (well, everything meaning the pinwheels, cups, and coral napkins) can be found in our Etsy shop. The game was to take a traditional baby song and rewrite it for the mama-to-be.  My team's revisions were not intended for all audiences.  Ha.  :*) We had a great time celebrating our AMAZING friend and her twinsies! All of the photos were by Tatiana Skye Photography. Cheers,  Allison

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