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Assembling & Styling Paper Accordion Fans

Assembling & Styling Paper Accordion Fans

Paper accordion fans are a personal favorite:  they're easy to assemble, are unique, collapse flat for storage, and are reusable.   And they look so dang good! To 'assemble' these fans, just open the accordion by the metal handles and link the handles together (you can use a twist tie, some string, a rubber band, or even a paper clip). If the fan's paper gets smushed, pull gently as shown in the picture to straighten the pleats back into shape.Accordion fans look awesome hung together in a group.  To hang, tie individual pieces of string to the metal handles on each fan.  This allows you to adjust the height of the fans so they hang well.  I like to include fans of different sizes and colors - I think it balances out the décor and keeps things interesting to the eye.We like to put the fans on countertops and dessert tables, too.  Including decorations of different heights look good, and gives the table/counter some visual 'balance.'To see the custom party in a box pictured above, check out The Party Dialect's Etsy shop.  To take a look at our selection of accordion fans, check out our paper party décor section. How do you use accordion fans?  Do you typically use different colors and sizes? Cheers, Allison All photos by Tatiana Skye Photography

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