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4th Birthday Marble Party

4th Birthday Marble Party

This was Oliver's first friend party, and he wanted to have it at a play space.  There were super limited decoration options outside of balloons, because we could only use painter's tape to hang.  The space itself is super fun for kids, but not all that photogenic, so we did our best. 

The two things I could really plan were the invitations and favors, which I wanted to keep simple and modern.  I found marble paper for envelope liners, which inspired a loose marble theme for decor. 

Modern black and white boy's birthday invitation with marble envelope liner

I let Oliver pick tableware, and he went straight for dolphin cups, emoji plates, marble dessert plates, unicorn straws, and plastic balloon cake toppers.  It was the perfect, crazy storm.

Dolphin cups, cactus napkins, unicorn straws

My husband made the dessert table backdrop from black matte wrapping paper and chalkboard pens.  We had jumbo marble balloons throughout the space. 

Modern boy's birthday dessert table backdrop with wrapping paper and chalkboard pens, with a jumbo marble balloon.

Jumbo marble balloon at a boy's 4th birthday party

And finally, we had custom marble cookies made for favors.  Oliver was a big fan.

Marble cookies for 4th birthday party favors

4th birthday tshirt

Oliver's 4th birthday t-shirt glowed in the dark.  His favorite birthday shirt so far.


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